Kaolin Processing Plant Machinery

Quarry processing is depending on the raw mineral property and the final usage of the product. There are two technologies applied in the industry production: dry process and wet process. In general, the hard kaolin adopts the dry process, while the soft kaolin usually adopts wet process.

Kaolin Processing Plant Machinery Benefits

Dry Processing

Dry process is a simple and economic processing. The raw materials are crushed by the hammer crusher to 25.4mm, and then send the kaolin to the impact crusher to finish to 6.35mm. The heat air in the impact crusher will take away 10% water of kaolin. The crushed minerals continue to be crushed by the Raymond Mill which equipped with centrifugal separator and cyclone dust collector. Dry process could eliminate most of the sand stone, and the products are usually used in rubber, plastic and paper making. With dry process, it do not need the dehydration and drying processes. It will reduce the ash content running off, the technology process is short and cost is relative low. It is suitable to the dry and water-deficient area. However, to get the high purity and quality kaolin, wet process is still the best choice.

Wet Process

The ore beneficiation sections involve: hydraulic classification´╝î flotation, magnetic separator and other ways to remove the different kinds of impurities. The preparation stage involves burdening, crushing and smashing. The pulp will be sent into washing box, flotation classifier in sequence to remove the sand. And then with the continuous centrifugal, water spiral separator and vibrating screen, the materials will be divided into coarse and fine mineral.

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