Light Burnt MgO Grinding Plant In China

Project Background

This customer is a well-known local refractory material manufacturer. Because of the special nature of the processed materials and the geographical environment, it pays extra attention to equipment performance and operational stability. After on-site surveys and in-depth investigations, SBM engineers gave solutions to satisfy customers for the difficulties of the project.

Design Scheme

Project Benefits

01 Equipment optimization to meet processing needs

In view of the viscosity of magnesium oxide, Shibang Group has carried out professional treatment and process optimization design on the equipment: special materials are sprayed on the pipeline, and the system circulation air is increased to reduce the viscosity of the material; the analysis machine is equipped with a spraying dust removal device to improve the grinding powder Machine blockage.

02 Optimizing auxiliary equipment to get rid of plateau constraints

In view of objective conditions such as thin plateau air, Shibang selects special fans from well-known brands in Shanghai to improve the operation stability and energy saving of the production line, and effectively avoid the adverse effects of the plateau environment.

03 Layered layout of towers to solve site problems

Shibang engineers conducted detailed surveys on the customer's site. After many demonstrations, they adopted a hierarchical layout design of the tower based on the site conditions, and carried out a reasonable layout in the space reserved by the customer to solve the customer's site planning needs.

04 Automation system to achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase

Through the centralized electrification system, we can clearly grasp the overall operation links and save labor costs; through the equipment intelligent control system, the equipment operation status can be controlled and the production efficiency can be improved.

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