The Function Of Jaw Plate

The jaw crusher is mainly depending on the interaction of dynamic, static two jaw plate to the end of material crushing work. The movable jaw is an important part of the jaw crusher, the crusher is a component of one of the larger parts. The movable jaw planning in relation to the crusher, jaw crusher at the end of the function, therefore, the skills we these crusher production company to the jaw crusher has a bigger promotion, the key should start from the optimization of the jaw plate planning. So after all about how to optimize the jaw plate planning?

First, optimize the moving jaw reinforcement plan, if can change a rectangular reinforcing rib stiffener is trapezoidal, not only can fit the stress condition, and can reach the intention of reducing component.

Second , welding, casting and other processes also affect the level of the jaw and other components and functional and quality of the equipment , thus , improve the welding casting skills are also very necessary.

Third, most of the current component of the jaw crusher on the market was relatively large, and moving jaw is accounted for a large component of the entire equipment parts . Thus, in the intensity and other aspects of demand satisfied the conditions to minimize the weight of the jaws is to optimize the planning of a skill breakthrough.



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