Stone Quarry Mining Equipment in India

In stone quarry mining process, various types of technologies are involved such as blasting, drilling, mining, transporting, crushing, grinding, screening, and washing operations etc. SBM is global supplier and manufacturer of crushing, grinding and mining equipment. We have been specialized in mining industry for several decades. With know-how technology, we developed various cutting edge quarry mining solution for customers all over the world.

Stone Quarry Crushing Plant

Jaw Crushers: These are the oldest type of and most commonly used crushers in use and have changed little from the original 14 design. In Jaw Crusher the feed is compressed between a stationary and a movable surface.

Impact Crusher: The Impactor or Impact Breaker or double impeller breaker crusher uses the energy contained in falling stone, plus the power imparted by the massive impellers.

Stone Quarry Screening Machine

Screening is a process of separating into groups of different products of various sizes. Each group consists of products of approximately same size. Screening is generally classified into two types.

Stone Quarrying Washing Plant

Sand and gravel often can be washed during the screening process but if the material carries undesirable matter a scrubber washer should preceed the screening process. When the stone from the crushing plant is coated with clay or other sticky substances they are put through rotary scrubber to scour the gravel before it goes to the screen. Material that contain smaller amount of clay and silt may be cleaned satisfactorily by a log washer. Washing is very rarely employed in Indian crushers, but it is common in developed countries.



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