Stone Crusher Price

It is is an eternal operations rule to get maximum economic returns with minimum investment. The initial investment costs for stone crushing line is relatively high. In order to reduce costs, some domestic customers often require manufacturers to do the program as "thin". That is OK if they can meet the product capacity and final product size. However, some of the time this method will bring us some of the hidden losses, and even more harm than good in the long run. This article will briefly analyze how to choose a scientific and reasonable production line configurations.

design a perfect stone production line for you

In the crushing industry, to reduce crushing repetition rate of regular product to the maximum degree has been shown that it not only helps improve product capacity at per unit time, but also can greatly reduce the service life of wearing parts. So it is thought to be an important scientific standards to design a stone crushing line .

How to reduce crushing repetition rate of regular product? The answer is simple: screening step by step. For example, after primary crushing by using jaw crusher, the part of product that can be used as final product will be screened out, and the left ones will enter into secondary crusher (cone crusher/ impact crusher), which can reduce the waste of energy and invalid attrition rate, and is helpful to play the role of crushing equipment to the greatest degree. At the same time, it can reduce working pressure of the last screen.



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