Silica Sand Washing Plant

Sand washing machine is actually a kind of water washing style equipment to match using the sand making machine. The primary function of sand washing machine is always to lower the dust and stone powder which mixes together with the final sand, so as to enhance the excellent and grade on the sand. Sand washing machine is broadly used for cleaning resources while in the following industries: quarry, minerals, developing products, transportation, chemical industry, water conservation and hydropower, cement mixture station and so on.


working principle of sand washer

The electric motor runs gradually using the impellor just after decelerated through the belt, decelerator and gears wheel. The sand and stone flow into washing launder from feeding launder, rolls together with the impellor, and grinds every other. The impurity covering the sand is washing away. At the same time, add extra water, the robust water flow will consider away waste and some low-weight wastes from washing launder. With the over process, the washing function is completed. The clean sand and stone is elevate up by vane. When it goes up gradually, the water begins to drop through the mesh and fall back inside the washing launder. On one particular hand, water is removed in the sand and stone; alternatively, the water is usually completely used. Finally, the sand and stone goes on the out launder in the rotary impellor to finish the washing activity.



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