Sand Washing Machine for Processing Silica Sand

Silica sand washing is the simplest and lowest cost method of cleaning silica sand. In some of the very pure deposits that are void of heavy minerals, high amounts of clay and silt, and no surface staining, washing is sufficient to produce an acceptable grade product. It may be used by SBM sand washing machine. In the process, water is added to the sand and is generally pumped to a cyclone for processing. The movement of the slurry passing through the pump and pipeline is sufficient to loosen the small amount of fines or clay that are in the ore body. Once the minor amounts of fines or clay have been released from the silica sand they can be removed via a variety of methods.

Silica Sand Washing Machine Application Case

Costumer: Transport and Commercial Ltd

Country: Australia


It has built a plant dedicated to the production of manufactured sand, not only to satisfy the increasing demand, but also to provide superior quality products, particularly in particle cubicity that was still not satisfied simply by washing the fine aggregate. VSI5X crusher, vibrating screen, and silica sand washing machine has helped it to achieve the goal. The VSI5X crusher works in the final reduction phrase, the screen and silica sand washing equipment for silica sand washing process, generating particles with ideal gradation and particle shape for concrete production.



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