Sand Gravel Crushing Plant

According to the structure of rotors, vertical shaft impact crusher are divided into: open rotor structure and close-type rotor structure. For the close-type rotor structure, rotors are in composition of cage. Components fall inside it from the prime, and after that are threw out in high speed.

  • Roller-type sand-making machine: Within the field of smaller throughput, roller-type sand-making machine is often adopted. Nonetheless, inside the long-term usage, shortcomings like low reliability, high ratio of gear failure and difficulty in upkeep and service normally appear.

  • Sand-making machine of VSI: VSI crusher which adopts hydraulic beginning technology, sand-making machine of VSI series save 50% of power, compared with the classic one particular. Through it, all sorts of rock, sand rock, and pebble could be created into creating sands of needed size. With even size, high compressive strength, it can be much more accordant for the creating requirements and more useful to improve building's good quality than the organic sands and sands produced by common hammer-type sand-making machine. This plant options with trustworthy function, reasonable style, very simple operation, and high work efficiency and so on.

Crushing procedure

Firstly, we pick the usable components and transmit them together with the vibrating feeder. Then vibrating feeder pours them into principal Gravel crusher. Then goods of key Gravel crusher get crushed by secondary Gravel crusher. Secondly, right after the procedure of principal crushing, gravel rocks are filled into secondary gravel crushing plant , like gravel influence crusher, gravel cone crusher, gravel shaft crusher. Finally, Gravel all become the proper solutions . Tertiary Gravel crusher is generally applied in specific crushing approach. Tertiary Gravel crusher will approach stones into significantly smaller size than secondary crusher.


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