Marble Crushing Processing Project

Processing Flow

  • Primary crushing: Large marble is evenly fed into jaw crusher through vibration feeder for preliminary crushing processing.

  • Second crushing: The marble after initial breaking is sent to the impact crusher for secondary crushing processing. After reasonable screening by the circular vibration screen, the unqualified stone is returned to the impact crusher for re-breaking.

  • Sand making: After screening by circular vibration screen, the qualified stone with moderate particle size is sent into the sand making machine for fine crushing and shaping treatment, and the manufactured sand with uniform texture and different particle size can be obtained.

  • Sand washing: If you need more high-quality machine-made sand, you can add a sand washing machine to clean and remove impurities. After natural drying, you can get higher-quality machine-made sand.

Custom Feedback

Not only the basic investment is small, the operation is simple, and the work flow is more stable and efficient, but also the marble sand products produced are of good quality, grade coordination and fine modulus adjustable, which have broader economic value, high market price and considerable application prospects.

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