Impact Crusher Operation Principle

Forbidden Opertaion

  • 1. It is forbidden to pass iron.
  • 2. It is forbidden to bring the material to start and stop.
  • 3. It is forbidden to operate the machine with super current and low voltage.
  • 4. When the machine is prohibited from abnormal noise, continue to run.
  • 5. Check and adjust the machine when the machine is running.
  • 6. It is forbidden to feed the machine eccentrically.
  • 7. It is forbidden to enter the bulk material in the counterattack chamber (beyond the maximum feed size of the manual).
  • 8. It is forbidden to adjust the counterattack with the material.

Must Opertaion

  • 1. The center must be fed and uniform (the material is evenly distributed on the rotor). (per shift)
  • 2.must regularly lubricate the counter-shock bearing oil, add molybdenum disulfide grease. (per shift)
  • 3. Check and tighten the V-belt. (per shift)
  • 4. Check the wear of the lining. (per shift)
  • 5. Check all bolts and their fasteners. (per shift)
  • 6. Check the wear of the plate hammer. (per shift)
  • 7. During the operation of the equipment, check the vibration caused by the sinking of the foundation or the deformation of the steel frame. (weekly)
  • 8. When replacing the hammer, the rotor must be rebalanced before it can be turned on. (every replacement of accessories)

Remarks: Each shift is 8 hours of machine work.


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