How To Select Grinding Mill Media

Businesses buy ball mill in order to make better use of the machine for production, the service life of the ball mill is limited, but many of the factors that can affect its service life. Such as: the quality of the ball mill, ball mill routine maintenance and maintenance as well as ball mill grinding media. Here we will introduce you how to select the ball mill grinding media.

Selection of grinding media depends upon several factors, some of which are interrelated:

  1. Initial feed size-Smaller media cannot easily break up large particles.

  2. Final particle size-Smaller media are more efficient when ultrafine particles are desired.

  3. Specific Gravity-In general, high-density media give better results. The media should be more dense than the material to be ground. Also, highly viscous materials require media with a higher density to prevent floating.

  4. Hardness-The harder the media, the better the grinding efficiency and consequently, the longer the wear.

  5. PH-Some strong acid or base slurries may react with certain metallic media.

  6. Discoloration-Certain media result in color development and are, therefore, not suitable for the production of some materials such as white coatings.

  7. Contamination-Material resulting from the wear of the media affect the product and may need to be removed by a magnetic separator, chemicals, or a sintering process.

  8. Costs-Media that may be 2-3 times more expensive may last considerably longer, and therefore, be well worth the extra cost over the long run.

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