How to Overall Fixed Mobile Crushing Station

Mobile crushing plant mainly includes: Mobile impact crushing plant, mobile cone crushing plant, mobile jaw crushing plant, mobile screening station, mobile crawler hydraulic station and track mounted crushing station. These are high-quality mineral processing equipment and widely used in mineral processing, construction, engineering, highways, and other fields. As for the how to overall fixed mobile crushing plant, which is the knowledge that many businesses should be aware of. We will introduce you to the operational processes.

How to Overall Fixed Mobile Crushing Station

  1. Choosing a job site location of mobile crushing plant, good ground leveling work is ready to do;

  2. Mobile crushing plant is moved to the right position, outstretched elevator leg mobile crushing plant erected;

  3. Below the fixed legs digging pit the size of the local soil. Soil the looser area and depth of the larger, then the activities outrigger coupling bolts fixed in the fixed leg;

  4. The activities legs below the pit pour concrete foundation, until the concrete sets, adjust the concrete surface, crushing station support smoother, and finally retracted lifting legs;

  5. In order to achieve full smooth, the body be appropriate to add sleepers auxiliary support tools.



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