Gypsum Powder Making Processing Line

Gypsum powder production line pre-grinding elements: Gypsum powder silo out by spiral belt conveyor additional in to the column mill grinding, re-election by the Classifiers stage separation, qualified materials by means of the corner screw conveyor, vertical bucket elevator, The warehouse roof screw conveyor conveying for the students bunker.

Within this procedure, the spiral that the measured value and to calculate the cumulative production; column mill can not be exactly the same having a load to begin, and need to detect existing; level signal to pick the position feeding. Gypsum powder production line equipment, mostly gypsum powder fluidity bed furnace. Gypsum powder fluidity bed furnace is definitely an application of fluid of calcined gypsum of high-efficiency equipment. The heating medium would be the flue gas or hot oil.

Gypsum Powder Making Process Plant for Sale

Raw material crushing procedure: Gypsum powder production line gypsum block consists of coarse jaw crusher initial crushing, homogenization in the discharge field partition layout, and then by fine jaw crusher, secondary crusher, to enter the silo. This approach, coarse jaw crusher is strictly prohibited with all the load to begin the alarm signal, stopping to have; discharge field is divided into two discharge zones, tripper automobile to switch freely in the two districts, even fabric.




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