How To Extend The Service Life Of Cone Crusher

The preparations before starting the cone crusher plays very important role in extending the service life of cone crusher. Before starting the crusher, operators should make overall check, especially for the main parts, such as if there is enough oil in the lubrication system, the tightness of the bolts etc.

Before turn on the motor in cone crusher, operators should start the motor in the oil pump firstly. After making sure the lubrication system works normally, operators can start the motor.

Operators should feed raw materials after the cone crusher work stable. Besides, the raw materials should be fed into feed opening evenly and continuously. In this process, we should make sure the moisture content of raw materials is under allowed range to avoid the adhesive.

In the crushing process, operators should pay attention to the wear degree of main parts. Once found problems, operators should stop the crusher and deal with them timely.

Besides the maintenance of cone crusher to extend its service life, while choosing cone crusher, there are also some suggestions. Customers should choose suitable cone crusher according to their own situation, making sure the crusher suitable for his raw material, capacity, final product size etc. Also, customer should choose professional manufacturers that provide high quality machines.



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