Cone Crusher Lubrication System

The cone crusher is composed of frame, transmission, adjustment device, hydraulic system and lubrication system. The lubrication system is an indispensable device for each crushing machine to ensure the good lubrication of the equipment and provide the crushing work for the cone crusher. condition.

How the lubrication system works

The pressure oil from the lubricating oil station is divided into two paths before entering the cone crusher. One way enters the transmission shaft frame of the transmission part through the oil flow indicator, respectively lubricates the bearing shoes at both ends of the transmission shaft frame, and the pinion gear Thrust pad and bearing pad end face. The second way is through the gap between the main shaft and the main shaft bushing, overflowing from the upper end surface of the eccentric sleeve, lubricating the large and small gears and flowing into the oil return chamber in the cone crusher.

In the working process of the cone crusher, to ensure the good work of the lubrication system, the four main points of the cone crusher lubrication system are: suitable working temperature, reasonable working pressure, correct selection of lubricating oil and adjustment of oil quantity.



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