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The recycled concrete aggregate or recycled crushed concrete material is delivered into the plant via a feed hopper and is then transported to a double-deck screen via an apron feeder. The feed material is separated at grain sizes of approx. 60 mm on the upper deck and 15 mm on the lower deck. Grain sizes smaller than 15 mm are either discharged and stockpiled as pre-screen material, or are optionally added to the 0-40 mm mineral aggregate mixture.

There can also be economical advantages: The commercial value of recycled crushed concrete or recycled concrete aggregate as construction materials; the recovery of reinforcing steel as scrap metal; savings in dumping charges; and a reduction in transportation distances (e.g. hauling the waste material to landfill and hauling aggregate from the quarry or gravel pit to the construction site).

Concrete Recycling Project Details in Netherland



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