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As we all know, coal processing is a complicated activity, covering many aspects, such as mining methods, mining design, equipment option, mining safety, and economy. However, there are some factors we can control and achieve good returns. For example, high-efficiency mining equipment can have a good impact on production. Of course, the entire mining process of coal mainly connects with crushing, screening, and grinding. However, Shanghai SBM can not only offer you not only the professional suggestion, but also high-quality mining equipment.

Coal is first crushed by coal crushers to a size of 20 to 25 mm and is then fed to coal bunkers and then conveyed to coal mill as per requirement. Coal will be grinded in pulverizing stage. Coal particles get re-circulated around four times before achieving required fineness. Classifier allows finer particles to escape mill outlet while coarse particles are returned to mill for further grinding. Hot primary air drives moisture from coal and acts as carrier to transport pulverized coal to the boiler through pipes. 


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