Brunei Construction Waste Crushing Production Line

Production Line Configuration

According to the analysis of equipment selection, installation and field debugging, the construction waste treatment plant is not large in scale. The raw materials of construction waste are transported to the treatment plant by truck. First, the raw materials are pretreated, then the raw materials are broken into jaw. The discharge outlet is set at 100mm. The counterattack break is used as the second break and the return material is treated. The discharge outlet is set at 50mm.

Practical application shows that jaw breakage can easily break the concrete with steel bar, and separate the steel bar from the shear, and the steel bar is effectively separated by the iron remover. At the same time, the fine crushing effect of the production line is very good, jaw breaking and counterattack breaking share a vibration screen, the finished material is screened into 0 ~ 5mm and 5 ~ 50mm. The whole production process is very stable and effective, and has been praised by customers.





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