How to Adjust Impact Crusher Particle Size

It can realize the adjustment of discharging particle size through adjusting rotor speed, adjusting impact plate and grinding cavity clearance. The rotor speed has directly relationships with the materials crushing force, speed and crushing force, and final particle size and so on. When the linear speed is low, it has small crushing force and coarse final products particles. Besides this, we can adjust the spring to adjust the impact plate. The pressure spring can move the impact plate ahead. It will reduce the discharging port size to reduce the discharging materials.

Here add impact crusher larger material handling on water content, it can effectively avoid congestion. Impact crusher on different materials will have different production process. If it needs to process the high moisture materials, it can install the heating device at the feeding port to control the water primarily. The hammer crusher is equipped with the bottom screening plate to prevent blocking and the impact crusher will control the feeding material moisture and discharging particle size to operate. It is more simple and flexible.

The discharging material size of impact crusher has relationships with the impact plate distance. We can change the material size through changing the specific parameters. Impact crusher rotor diameter is fixed and we can adjust the final products size through adjusting impact plate position and the clearance between plate hammer. 



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