10TPH Flyash Grinding Project in India

About Flyash

Flyash is the powder captured from the final smoke of burning coal. To some degree, flyash is a kind of pollutants. But recent years, more and more entrepreneurs realize that it can bring huge profits when using it in concrete.

Flyash looks like cement at the first glimpse, with its color changing between oyster white and gray black. Flyash’s color is an important index, which can reflect the different content of carbon and its fineness. The darker its color is, the more carbon content it would have.

Design Scheme



Project Overview

Material: Flyash 

Input size: <10mm

Output size: 325mesh, D85

Capacity: 10t/h

Moisture: Less than 5%

Application: for cement and concrete as additive

Equipment: MTW138 Grinding Mill


Operational Data of the MTW138 Grinding Mill

Daily Operation: 20 hours per day

Residue: 15%

Speed of Main Shaft: 96RPM

Daily Maintenance: Regular lubrication (per 2-3 shifts)

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Project Case

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