Jaw Crusher

Object Analysis And Mathematical Model Of Jaw Crusher

Conventional graphical design methods which hard to be used in multiple objective integral optimize designing and to get perfect result and structural parameter was often adopted in the designing of Jaw crusher mechanism. Dynamic jaw structure is most important in Jaw crusher. The result of its design has direct affect on efficiency of Jaw crusher. The angle between fixed and movable jaw plate and eigenvalue are optimizing objects.

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Conventional graphical method was used to design mechanism of crusher. Because the equation of this method is highly nonlinear and its undetermined coefficient of solution is very complex, it restricts the improvement of design accuracy and efficiency. Moreover, graphical method cannot be used in designing of multiple objective integral optimization to get perfect result and structural parameter. Ideal parameter was obtained by studying the multiple objective optimization model of jaw crusher parameter and through kinematic optimizing design with Adams software.

Influence of some rock strength properties on jaw crusher performance in ore ore quarry.

— by MR.White

Jaw Crusher is used for crushing rock material in mines and quarries. It provides the latest technology in heavy duty crusher design that delivers high pro- duction, infinite setting adjustment, larger feed open- ing bolted mainframe, cast swing, jaw holder and optional positioning of the crusher support feet to suit installation requirement. This crusher is designed for exceptional heavy and continuous application with heavy duty part for optimum operation and long life and this can be influenced by the strength properties of the rock. The influence of rock strength property can result to the loss of capacity to perform the stipu- lated function for which jaw crusher was designed. The UCS was the main quantitative method for cha- racterizing the strength of rock materials.

  • Strength is considered in terms of compressive strength, tensile strength, and shear strength, namely the limit states of compressive stress, tensile stress and shear stress, respectively;
  • This permits the determination of parameters such as liberation size, grindability, coarse to medium to fine proportion in any product of the crushing and grinding equipment and the proportion of values of gangues in the fines;
  • Rock lithologies were classi- fied into general categories and conversion factors were determined for each category;

Crushing is an integral portion for mineral processing operations and is critical for the preparation of ore for downstream process for mineral processing opera- tions. Crushing of quarried rock is carried out in stages, with the primary crushing stage typically car- ried out using Jaw crusher and subsequent (secondary and tertiary). From field observation, the greater the number of crushing stage, the higher the amount of fine produced as a proportion of total plant through- out. The type of crusher used also directly controls the amount of fines produced.

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