Impact Crusher

Advanced Impact Crusher's Technology in Cement Industry

The impact crusher has been widely used in the production of gravel with its simple structure, light weight, low cost, stable operation, high efficiency and production of better cube aggregate. Being an important part, the rotor although plays an accelerating role in rock materials broken; the stone could be collided and broken only after accelerated in the rotor. It has been founded that the sand production rate, fineness modulus and the life of rotor wearing parts were all influenced by the number of rotor channels in the manufacturing and maintenance for many years of manufacturers.

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The accelerating effect of rotor to particles was determined by the number of channels, thereby affecting the sand production rate and the fineness modulus of impact crusher. There is a great difference of stone lithology in China, and the adaptation of different stone to different number of channels is various. Therefore, it has been urgently required by manufacturers that the relationship between the rotor accelerating effect and the number of channels, then the appropriate number of channels will be selected to the specific stone broken.

Impact crusher can be fitted with additional heating equipment.

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The crusher is the biggest impact crusher in the Chinese cement industry and handles 1,500 tons/hr. The rotor, shaft, bearings, hydraulics and control electrics were supplied from Germany, whereas the housing, impact aprons and vee-belt pulleys were sourced locally in China. The impact crusher is fitted with the patented type rotor, an extremely robust, heavy-duty cast steel unit with a high moment of inertia which enables the crusher to handle even the largest of rocks whilst maintaining peak capacity without affecting the rotor's performance.

  • The screen oversize passes to the impact crusher, where it is crushed to 97%< 100 mm;
  • It is possible to crush limestone in an impact crusher to produce feed material;
  • Rock lithologies were classi- fied into general categories and conversion factors were determined for each category;

It is possible to add pre-defined amounts of clay to the limestone feed and then crush the mixture in the crusher to provide a homogeneous product.

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