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HST Cone crusher

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HST series single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is a kind of high-tech crusher to meet the requirements of developing countries.

Product features: Greater processing power, safer and smarter

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Main Structure

The HST series single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher mainly has six parts: the upper frame assembly, the lower frame assembly, movable cone assembly, transmission shaft assembly, eccentric sleeve assembly, hydraulic cylinder assembly. The main components of upper frame assembly have the upper frame, rolling mortar wall, cushion cap and the upper frame body guard board.

  • Performance Characteristics
  • Product Parameters
  • High crushing efficiency and large production capacity; the yield is higher of 35%~60% than the old spring cone crusher;

  • Compared to other cone type crusher, HST series single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher hasn’t the complicated flow regulating device and an overload protection system, and the structure is simple and reliable;

  • Fully automatic control system can automatically detect and adjust equipment, and timely warn and improve work efficiency;

  • By changing the eccentric shaft and adjusting the eccentric distance to meet different requirements for material crushing;

  • Uniform particle size and high product quality; the cube grains in finished product has a higher proportion, and needle and flake stone is less;

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