Cone Crusher

The Automatic Control System Of Cone Crusher

The control system of cone crusher is a big inertial system with nonlinearity and pure time-delay. According to this, the Fuzzy PID and improved Smith predictor are presented. The design combines Fuzzy PID with a good dynamic performance and good robustness, and uses improved Smith predictor to overcome effects of the controlled object parameter changes. Simulation results show that the intelligent control system can improve the stability and dynamic performance of system.

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Crushing ore is an important element of the beneficiation process. The efficiency of crushing ore directly affects the level of technical and economic indicators. As the changes of feed particle size and wet and dry, the electric vibration to mine machine is uncertain time-delay and nonlinear. The capacity of crusher and different lengths of conveyor belts affect the time constant and pure delay time. Therefore, the cone crusher system is a great pure time-delay system with an uncertain delay time and variable parameters. Using conventional Smith Predictive Control can improve the control quality of the great pure time-delay system, but this requires accurate mathematical model. According to the a complex dynamic process and the external disturbance in cone crusher control system, this paper presents a fuzzy Smith intelligent control method which can greatly improves control quality of the crusher.

You must know how to start and stop the cone crusher, because the automatic control system.

Cone crusher must be based on the specific requirements of the process and the equipment itself performance sequence starting equipment and stop Machine. The process start up process is to start the ore transportation belt, and then start the cone crusher. Stop is the opposite, but the crusher does not stop. In order to meet the requirements of equipment maintenance and long-term stability of the work, the need to pay attention to the crusher should start the lubrication system before a certain period of time to start the engine to start the engine and stop the reverse.

As the pre grinding, the three stage of the preparation of a closed crushing process has been widely used. The three stage is a thick and medium. Fine (closed) three fragmentation process, production practice, whether it is open or underground mining, as long as the amount of mud is not large, not Plug and mesh crusher, three closed process generally can get ideal final crushing size. The rough set mainly for the preparation of gyratory crusher, crushing equipment for mushroom, cone crusher, the process is shown in picture. Crushing equipment currently used in domestic mineral processing plant is the main single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, crushing machine for ore. The automatic control system is used for long time, even in the existing electrical control of cone crusher. Implement the necessary electrical protection and opening device.

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