What Is The Raw Material Of Glass Fiber

1. pyrophyllite: pyrophyllite is the main component of glass fiber raw materials, the amount of about 50%.Pyrophyllite producing area in China mainly concentrated in fuzhou, fujian, zhejiang, high silicon aluminum content, high purity, excluding other impurities (industrial aluminum content is more than 12), fujian proved 102 mines in-depth exploration and base construction, a lot of enterprise use of SBM pendulum grinder and SBM LM series vertical milling machine configuration leaf la stone mill powder machine production line, the production of glass fiber raw material with pyrophyllite powder;

2. Kaolin: the development of coal measure kaolin replaces the American kaolin.American kaolin is water-washed kaolin, formed by weathering, which is not easy to process. China's coal measures kaolin is rich in resources and easy to develop. At present, SBM has customers who have put into production (using MTM130 grinding mill and MTW138 grinding mill) to produce over 80 mesh of kaolin powder.

3. Silica: Generally, the iron content of the finished products obtained by mineral processing is strictly required. In the industry, ball mill is generally used to process ceramic lining board.

4. Selection of glass fiber raw material grinding equipment in the glass fiber pool kiln method drawing process Fiber glass tank furnace method of drawing process of glass fiber raw material grinding equipment selection for glass fiber materials mineral mill (leaf la stone mill powder machine, kaolin vertical mill, lime stone mill powder machine, cloud stone mill powder machine, white bubble stone mill powder machine), and glass fiber mill waste (waste glass fiber powder processing to add oven to melt).

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