Typical Ultrafine Grinding Process Of Heavy Calcium Carbonate

The ultrafine grinding of heavy calcium carbonate is mainly divided into dry method and wet method. Dry process is generally used for production D97 ≥ 3-5 μ For products of M, the wet process is generally used to produce D97 ≤ 3-5 μ M products.

Dry Ultrafine Grinding Process

The dry ultra-fine grinding equipment used in industry mainly includes high-speed mechanical impact mill, rotary drum ball mill, stirring ball mill, vibrating ball mill, roller mill, graded mill, etc. In addition to the ultra-fine mill with self classification function, in order to ensure the requirements of product fineness and particle size distribution, fine classification equipment is generally configured on the actual production line.

Wet Ultrafine Grinding Process

Wet ultra-fine grinding equipment mainly includes wet mixing ball mill or grinding stripping machine, sand mill, spiral mixing mill or tower mill, etc. It mainly produces paper coatings or pigment grade products and fillers and pigments for high-grade coatings.

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