Tin Smelting Process Diagram

Phosphate materials mainly phosphate ( the main component is calcium fluoride Ca10F2 ( PO4 ) 6 ) sulfuric acid and inorganic acid to the base.

Method of Analysis: Preparation Labs Tin Smelting and phosphate.

Wet: Common concentrated sulfuric acid with calcium, phosphate rock reaction with tin smelting process diagram industry, the precipitation of calcium sulfate filtered soluble in water, and the filtrate obtained is tin smelting process diagram. Or leave white phosphorus with nitric acid, Tin Smelting solution can be obtained pure.

Calorimetry: white phosphorus pentoxide in the combustion air, then made ​​by hydration. Note that you must use hot water and cold water, because the reaction of phosphorus pentoxide metaphosphate very toxic.

PolyTin Smelting production: Production is mainly composed of tin smelting process diagram under appropriate conditions of dehydration.

Tin Smelting production process

World production of tin smelting process diagram, the main method uses dihydrate units, half the water law system. Development of production technology features WPA is the development of production batch to continuous production; gradually increasing the concentration of the product; small-scale factory production. Year and the type and content of harmful impurities phosphate, economic impact on a large number of production technology of wet process Tin Smelting, phosphate mining enrichment generally being subjected to improve their quality and to exclude impurities to meet the production process, Tin Smelting wet conditions.

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