Tantalite Ore Processing Plant

Tantalite ore is the most common mineral of tantalum and is an important mineral useful industrial metal. Together with the professional crushing, grinding and screening technology of world class, tantalite ore crushing plant and tantalite ore grinding plant are supplied.

Tantalite ore grinding plant processing: The tantalite ore in the ball mill or vertical roller mill or raymond mill, will be grinded into tantalite powder about 0.2 mm. The grinded tantalite powder will be look like tantalite slurry. Finally, the tantalite slurry will be pumped to the flotation deck with the fine sulfide ore (~-0.5 mm) going to froth flotation cells for recovery of tantalite powder. Then tantalite powder will be transported into industrial tantalum machine to get tantalum. The tantalite grinding processing plant have the production capacity from 5t/h to 39 tph per unit.

If you want to processing tantalite,please choose the following tantalite ore crushing plant:

  • Jaw crusher is the key equipment in tantalite crushing production line. It is mainly used for primary crush to make big raw tantalite ore materials into small pieces.

We could design cutting edge tantalite ore crushing and grinding plant solution according to your requirements, Let you earn the investment cost back in shortest time.

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