Rotary Tube Drying Machine

1. Method of rotary tube drying machine selected by hand: the use of antimony and rotary tube drying machine and gangue minerals color, luster, shape differences in distinguishing rotary tube drying machine.

2. Method election rotary tube drying machine Because large antimony mineral density, re-election for most of the rotary tube drying machine apply.

3. rotary tube drying machine flotation method: antimony minerals easily float sulfide minerals, mainly by flotation methods to improve the content of the ore.

Rotary Tube Drying Machine For Sale

Flotation machine is suitable for ferrous, nonferrous metals ( rotary tube drying machine, etc. ) to sort and concentration, but also for non – metals, such as coal, fluorite, talc sorting. Flotation machine Category: Full cut down airlift bubble flotation machine, gas precipitation flotation machine, mechanical flotation machine, agitation inflatable flotation machine, boiling machine room type.

Rotary Tube Drying Machine selection

1. Large concentrator multi-purpose large inflatable flotation machine, in addition to mechanics, the main point of departure is the model number can be adjusted to increase.

2. More small and medium-sized mechanical flotation plant flotation machine is mainly to give full play to the mechanical flotation machine less auxiliary equipment, operation and maintenance and simple.

3. Flotation machine specifications and size of equipment must be designed to scale.

4. Higher grade ore, it is easy to choose, well chosen, the lower the pH of the slurry is not high, probably flotation column.

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