MTW Trapezium Mill Used In Activated Carbon Grinding

Activated carbon is a special treated carbon, which heats organic raw materials (shell, coal, wood, etc.) under the condition of air isolation to reduce non-carbon components (this process is called carbonization), and then reacts with gas, and the surface is eroded, resulting in a well-developed microporous structure (this process is called activation).

Because the activation process is a micro process, that is, a large number of surface erosion of molecular carbides is pitting erosion, which results in numerous small pores on the surface of activated carbon. The microporous diameter of activated carbon surface is mostly between 2-50nm. Even a small amount of activated carbon has a huge surface area. The surface area of each gram of activated carbon is 500-1500m2. All applications of activated carbon are almost based on the characteristics of activated carbon. 

SBM's MTW roller mill can grind activated carbon like coconut shell ,etc. with very good performance.

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