Magnesite Properties And Magnesite Grinding Mill

Magnesite is a kind of magnesium carbonate mineral, which is the main source of magnesium. After the solution containing magnesium acts on calcite, calcite will become magnesite, so magnesite also belongs to calcite family. Magnesium rich rocks also change into magnesite. Magnesite often contains iron, which is the result of iron or manganese replacing magnesium. Magnesite is white or grayish white, glassy, and iron bearing magnesite will appear yellow to brown. If the crystal appears, it is granular, and if it does not appear, it is massive. In addition to refining magnesium, magnesite can also be used as refractory and magnesium compounds.

SBM’s roller mill MTW series and SCM super micron mill can grind it into 50-2500mesh in good performance.

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