Jaw Crusher In Nigeria

The jaw crusher is a versatile type of crushing equipment, which is to destroy the pieces of material using the principle of compression cheeks. This type of crusher is available in all classes of fragmentation: small, medium and large. Inlet diameter is 1500 mm and the diameter of the finished material about 10 mm. Buy jaw crusher from the leading manufacturer of stone crushing equipment SBM heavy industry International you can have official distributor of astro-tech.

After selecting the jaw crusher, good site preparation work, mobile crushing station will open to the right position, elevating the legs outstretched mobile crushing station set up, digging beneath the fixed legs, the size of the pit according to local soil may be, The looser the soil and the depth of the larger area, then the activity legs bolted connection with the legs in a fixed, poured concrete foundation at the bottom of the pit activities legs, until the concrete has set, adjust the concrete surface, so crushing station support more stable.

The main advantage of jaw crusher is their ability to maximize productivity and reduce operating costs. The mobile stone crushing machine can be positioned close to the working face and then relocated under its own power in as little as 20min. The potential cost savings arising from the use of a mobile crushing and belt conveying system based at the rock face can be significant. SBM is world leading stone crushing equipment supplier and manufacturer; we provide complete series of portable stone crushing machine for sale.

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