Influence Of Various Indexes Of Ground Calcium Carbonate On Application Performance

Ground calcium carbonate is a kind of calcium carbonate powder produced by mechanical grinding with calcite, chalk, marble and other ores as raw materials. It is characterized by wide raw material sources, high whiteness, low oil absorption value, good applicability and low price. It is the most widely used inorganic nonmetallic mineral powder with the largest amount.

1.Whiteness mainly affects the color and brightness of products.

2.The oil absorption value affects the dispersion of ground calcium carbonate in the filling material or product and the processing performance of the filling resin system (mixing difficulty), and the dispersion stability or settling performance of the paint and ink.

3.The water content mainly affects the apparent properties of the filling material or the product. Excessive water content not only affects the effect of surface modification, but also may change the apparent quality of the filling material or the product.

4.The specific surface area mainly affects the oil absorption value of ground calcium carbonate.

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