Gypsum Pillars Making Plant

Gypsum powder occupies an important position in the national economy, is widely used in construction, building materials, chemical industry and agriculture and other fields, is an important industrial raw materials.

gypsum pillars making plant is a hot production line. A full set of configuration of gypsum powder production line, including dust DCS electric control system, system, pipeline and heating system, the mill system, transportation system, raw material crushing machine, boiling furnace etc

Material Crushing Process In The Gypsum Pillars Making Plant

Raw gypsum via feeder into the crusher , crusher large sized gypsum ore broken into small particles less than 30mm , spare . Depending on the size of gypsum materials and different production needs, you can select the corresponding specifications of the crusher, usually choose PE jaw crusher , PC hammer crusher or impact crusher PF etc. . In order to protect the environment clean , can be equipped with dust removal equipment to meet environmental emissions requirements. After breaking through the plaster material hoist transported to storage silos spare. According to the material storage silo storage time requirements and design specifications to ensure a stable supply of materials .

Pre-grinding Process In The Gypsum Pillars Making Plant

Materials are continuously fed electromagnetic vibrating feeder evenly within the mill for grinding. After grinding flour from the mill blower plaster bulging Merry blow , after analysis machine at the top of the classification. Meet the specifications of the powder fineness , with large airflow into the cyclone collector , collected by the powder discharge pipe is finished. Finished fall screw conveyor, conveying system to the next firing . The entire air duct system is a closed loop, from the whirlwind pipeline between the collector and the introduction of baghouse blower to remove dust in the air , and then discharged to the environment , to ensure a clean environment. After the material grinding system by particle size 0 ~ 30mm, changed from 80 to 120 mesh , in line gypsum powder fineness requirements .

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