Construction Of Gyratory Crusher

Gyratory crusher, which can also be called vertical compound crusher, is a crushing machine used in the crushing production line and sand making production line. It is widely usedin the coal, construction, railway and other major industries.

However,after the long-term use, gyratory crusher parts or fittings will appearwear, deformation, fatigue, corrosion, cavitation, and loosening thesephenomena, which will lead to the loss of the crushing machinesoriginal work performance, and the deterioration of the crusherstechnical condition. At this time, you need to exclude the faultoccurred of the construction of gyratory crusher.

Crusher experts will do an analysis about the crushing machines typical failure, it makes us know how to exclude fault well.

One of the typical faults of construction of gyratory crusher: spindlebreakage. The spindle of gyratory crusher is the key part and itcomposes the moving vertebral with cone liner. In actual production, themajor accident that spindle breakage caused is numerous, among that,90% of the breaks occurred in the thread undercut. The main reason forthis failure occurred: the undercut is deep, undercut rounded edge issmall. In the undercut, the lining and the spindle thermal loadingproduces stress concentration, the roughness degree of rounded surfacehas no strict requirements.

Solution: Accelerate the side crossing fillet, increase the unloadinggroove, or transform and design from the spindle structure.

Another typical failure is that the upper and lower dangerous section has higherstress. A super-large piece of ore is into the crusher, the construction of gyratory crusher on the top of the cone and produces cracks near thevicinity of the cross-section; another one is the iron into the crusher,stuck in the port of discharge, causing motor overload and producingthe cracks near the vicinity section.Response: Adopt the thrust plate,keep the lubricating oil clean, and improve the installation andmachining accuracy of the thrust disk. At the same time, adopt the wayof scraping and fine caring to ensure that the contact surface is evenlydistributed.

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