Bentonite Pellet Vertical Mill

Bentonite is one of the most important materials around the world. Under the function of crushing, grinding, drying, mining operators in Germany will get the desired final products. SBM provides clients the high quality bentonite crusher, bentonite pellet vertical mill and dryer for sale.

Bentonite is a dark brown coal material which is between peat and bituminous. The quality changes with the underground mining conditions.

It belongs to the dark and light type material and it is easy to ignite and burn completely, gray powder, easy to discharge, high quality bentonite. With low sulfur, low phosphorus, high volatile, high ash melting point, it is an ideal fuel thermal power plant, fluidized bed.

Bentonite Pellet Vertical Mill for Sale

For clients, SBM's bentonite pellet vertical mill will be used as the bentonite pellet vertical mill. The input lumps of bentonite are crushed into small pieces as they repeatedly strike against one another between the blow bars that rotate at a high speed and the impact plates.

Although the bentonite pellet vertical mill cannot treat large blocks, it is capable of efficiently crushing bentonite into small pieces and hence it is used as a secondary crusher. It is especially effective to crush the bentonite.

Bentonite Pellet Vertical Mill Used in bentonite Processing Line in Germany

Germany has abundant bentonite and the mining plant can be easily found in this country. Our bentonite pellet vertical mill for Germany clients mainly refers to the ball mill. As we all know, ball mill is a traditional milling machine for the mining industry and it has large scale. With traditional stable technology, our ball mill has large milling capacity and the ball involved in this machine is made of high wear-resistant materials. bentonite materials will be fully ground in the milling cylinder.

Besides the high capacity ball mill, SBM also provides the related wear parts of this milling machine to ensure that your bentonite processing line can process successfully.

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