Bauxite Ore Extraction Process

Unlike other base metal ores, bauxite ore does not require complex extraction processing, because most of the mined bauxite is of an acceptable grade or can be improved (beneficiated) by a relatively simple but not inexpensive process of removing clay. In many cases, bauxite ore extraction process can be accomplished by some combination of washing, wet screening, cycloning and sorting.

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Bauxite Ore Extraction Process

Gravel can be bauxite, it depends on how much available aluminium it has in it. Generally speaking bauxite is found between 1 to 5 metres in depth and is shown in the image adjacent.Bauxite ore ranges in character from solid hard cap or duricrust, to friable fragmental or nodular material, to unconsolidated finely nodular pisilotic gravel.

The bauxite gravel is typically composed of rounded light brown to red brown nodules. These gravels are commonly also bauxite ore grade and could be part of the deposit extracted for crushing and screening.The bauxite ore extraction process involves the topsoil being removed and stockpiled adjacent to the disturbed areas for use in rehabilitation at a later date.

  1. mining
  2. dissolution of the bauxite at elevated temperatures
  3. addition of flocculants
  4. regeneration of the solutions for recycling
  5. heating to 1100C to accomplish bauxite ore extraction process

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