Artificial Sand Making Process

As traditional artificial sand making process rate can reach 30 %, although many homeowners want to introduce artificial sand making process manufacturing high sand, but still sand centrifuge rotor at a speed of 60% in the question. Then, the rotor of the centrifuge open arena sand can reach 60 % do ? The answer is yes, and this is from the production of hundreds of users have to practice, stand the test of real data.

Artificial Sand Making Machine India

High rates of artificial sand making process centrifuge rotor manufacturing machines sand thanks to its double rotor design patented patent, design patent to solve the difficult problem of small crushing equipment, sand to improve the rate, cause congestion equipment, which greatly improves the ability to improve the arena sand click through rate.

Especially in the river gravel, crushed granite and other hard materials, because the material is difficult to break, therefore the sand making equipment, equipment wear more serious crushing, if not crusher traditional percussion only material after grinding to a certain size and then be broken difficult, resulting in low and wear parts sand grinding seriously.

Sand Making Machine Price

New artificial sand making process can provide a single line capacity of 600 tonnes or more games of technical equipment, which improves the efficiency of the production of gravel production. Mobile crusher station percussion Crawler born in particular can greatly improve the productivity of artificial sand making machine. Percussion mobile station crusher Crawler finished good grain shape, the rate of sand, adjustable fineness modulus, and low production cost. Welcome to inquire the price of Artificial the sand making machine India!

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