Fly Ash Processing Plant

Fly Ash Processing Plant

Generally fly ash will be ground separately. It is equipped with one raw fly ash silo, weighing system at silo bottom (belt scale better for wet fly ash), belt conveyor, magnetic separator, air lock valve and etc.

Fly Ash Grinding Process

Fly ash firstly falls down to the center of grinding table (wet fly ash to befed to separately for avoiding choking) and moves to edge of grinding table. With rotation of grinding table, it is pressed by grinding rollers, and then brought by hot gas. Coarse particles back grinding table. Fine particles brought to separator and dried also. Coarse particles after separator will back for recirculation. Fine particles will be collected by bag filter as final product, and conveyed by air slide and bucket elevator to fly ash silo. Gas after will be purified by bag filter and via system fan, partially vent to air and partially recirculate to mill.

In fly ash processing production line, primatry crushing, secondary crushing equipment is need, fly ash grinding mill is important. After read fly ash, you can better understand fly ash processing plant.

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